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  Kaiyuan bearings is a worldwide, one-stop shop bearing locating service. We specializes in the operation and service of the famous imported bearings business. not only with the long history and experience in famous brand bearings and with a skilled professional engineer team. Excellent sales staff to provide customers with professional technical consulting. High quality products and excellent after-sales servicemore...

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Japan: 12-1, Kotaria -Kuresuni, Nagaokakyo,Kyoto 617-0836 Japan.

Hongkong: Office Unit B 9/F Thomson Commercial Building, No. 8 Thomson Road, Hongkong.

Tel:+852-3115 8560    Fax:+852-3050 1821

China: No. 648, East Huangshi Road, Baiyun, China.

Singapore: 200 Jalan Sultan, 101-102 Textile Center, Singapore 199018.

Malaysia: 1781 Taman Koperasi, Jalan Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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